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Christmas Items

Doorstop Santa Claus

Code: LD4418-1
Product Dimensions: 17x17x24cm
Product Material: Polyester, Polyfill


Weight: 1.40kg
Length: 17.00cm
Width: 17.00cm
Height: 24.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 12

Christmas is a festive period that brings along the spirit of giving and merriment. In fact, the figure ‘Santa Claus,' has come to be seen as the spirit of Christmas generosity. The tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas has existed for tens of decades. This is why customers, both old and young would be quick to grab at this beautiful ‘Santa Claus' as a gift for their kids, friends, spouse, siblings, colleagues, neighbours, and whomever the merry spirit dictates.

The giving of gifts is one of the rituals that must be performed during Christmas. The overseer of these acts of generosity is none other than the figure of this fluffy teddy - Santa Claus himself! Young or old, the spirit of Christmas supersedes and incorporates all ages. This is why your clients won't be wrong in choosing this fluffy Door Step Santa Claus as a gift for neighbours and loved ones. Women in particular, tend to love teddies a lot. So, it would be great for a guy to purchase this for his wife, fiancée, girlfriend or female lover. As for children, there's no doubt, they would love it instantly! Giving them a big, fluffy, cute teddy of Santa can't be compared to any other gift. It would probably become their sleeping buddy. This lovely Door Step Santa Claus is made of purely polyester and Polyfill alone. There are no sharp metal or edges that might injure kids. It is 100% kid safe. Be warned however that due to its big size, only 12 of this can fit into every carton you order. So, be prepared to order as many cartons as necessary.

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