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Doorstop This Is Us

Code: SG1510-1
Product Dimensions: 14x10x16.5cm
Product Material: Polyester


Weight: 8.35kg
Length: 40.50cm
Width: 32.00cm
Height: 14.00cm
Inner Qty: 8

Give your home the look of beauty that is one of a kind with a door stop that welcomes you each time with its special kind of message. Made from sturdy burlap material fabricated from polyester, its material is the kind to hold the weight with resilience and make your doorways safe-keeping them open just as much and when you need them, despite gusty winds. An accessory every home need and the kind that will part from its functional usage, will add to the beauty of the space.

Sometimes the simplest of designs have the most profound of impacts on our surroundings and spaces-here is one such article that for your home is an essential accessory and one whose design and aesthetics is bound to leave its impact as well. Made from polyester fabric that appears and has the look of burlap, the cottage feel door stop aligns itself wonderfully with all kinds of rooms, guarding the door ensuring it remains open just as much as you would want. Weighed down well its grip on the door and easy carry loop on top, made with a white rope allows it to be carried and placed with ease in any part of the home. Will hold on well to the door, and will help make the place seem more cottage and farm in its appearance. The beautiful sentiments in the form of a few words assimilates the stuff what most homes and families are all about-a home -our lives and our family.

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