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Drawer Set Cut Pattern Tall

Code: LD3093-1
Product Dimensions: 15x12x32cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 1.58kg
Length: 15.50cm
Width: 13.50cm
Height: 33.50cm

Deep beige and white and very well built-this set of drawers is your best bet to give your organizational gaols a whole new dimension of Class and functionality. This three-tiered drawer construct organizer is sturdy in its structure and superb in styling to work like another other accent in your space-be it for keeping trinket or your previous cache of spices-it works for both with the same amount of accuracy.

It�s a tall and handsome chest of drawers, that open with the help of dainty white knobs atop a panel design front. The very look of this organizer makes you want to have one in almost all table tops, fascinatingly enough, its hoist this very oriental feel Marrakesh cut design that will bestow a beautiful feel of the east to your spaces, while its deep drawers will render your precious treasures all the safety they deserve. Within the confines of the drawers, the material used is just right to also keep your spaces and [precious teas, your silver trinkets and the likes in safe custody. Attractive and stunning in design detailing the soft colours and the stress on making it look as much as part of the d�cor as the rest of your accents helps it blend in with all spaces. Its height is all of 32 cm, its width is 13 cm and the depth of the drawers too make it compatible with all kinds of tiny article storage. Compact and convenient to use.

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