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Artificial Plants

Faux Formal Grass

Code: LD3547-2
Product Dimensions: 27x9cm
Product Material: Plastic, resin


Weight: 0.65kg
Length: 24.00cm
Width: 20.00cm
Height: 19.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Fill up the void that only things natural can bring to your spaces. This beautiful bunch of natural grass will lend your bouquets and empty vases the rich backdrop of green that offsets all kind of colours and makes blooms and everything else feel all the more rivetingly beautiful. Add it to vases as it is or simply make it part of a more elaborate floral decoration to lend it density and vibrancy.

Made of high - quality resin and plastic, this bunch of beautiful grass strands is a great means to ensure that your home and spaces feels the richness of nature's most important gift to us - plants and their evergreen beauty. Here is a bunch of grass that comes in the form of a bunch, thick in its dense growth and ready to mingle with all kinds of bouquets and floral decorations in your décor. You could use it with or without flowers in its midst. By itself it will make this perfect, rich, dense roundel like structure that comes from the manner in which the bunch has been crated with tall and short stems. The thick juicy stems are richly endowed with the lushness of the green foliage. Simple striking and so very natural in its appeal. It is all of 27 cm in height and 9 cm in its thickness.

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