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Framed Bamboo 3

Code: UV7286-2
Product Dimensions: 50x3x82cm
Product Material: Timber, Bamboo


Weight: 2.30kg
Length: 83.00cm
Width: 7.50cm
Height: 52.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 6

An ode to the beauty of nature - this delightful looking print on bamboo significantly brings to your spaces the touch of natural beauty instantly and the very fact that what is shows off in its depiction is exactly the material on which it ash been printed adds to its uniqueness. The green and white refreshes the entire space with its vibrancy and yet add a touch of soothing colours that elevates the look.

Made from wood and bamboo, this is a delightful piece of artwork that has been created from bamboo and wood. The print is that of a bamboo plant itself, the different parts if the plant beautifully depicted - almost like a botanical print and yet so detailed that you would love the fine printing that brings it to life. The wood made frame given to the bamboo made backdrop adds to its sturdy and more refined finish. the colours will remain looking fresh and invigorated despite being up on display for a long period of time. A wonderful means to ensure that your walls spaces contributes to the look of modern minimalism that you wish to bring in albeit the nature - based route. The light weight hangable print is the kind whose usage in any part of the home is possible.

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