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Giraffe Long Neck Tall

Code: UJ5134-2
Product Dimensions: 12x8x46H cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.57kg
Length: 45.00cm
Width: 8.50cm
Height: 11.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 6

He stands there sniffing the air, wondering if the next tree would have the juiciest of leaves or the one next to it-here is the perfect example of how decorative can get a whole new feel with life like features and yet shabby chic enough to give them the pleasure of being called rugged and not to elaborate. A wonderful blend of modern taste and great artistry.

Modern homes love the look of things natural and endorse at all times the return back to nature theme. And such creatures from the wild can help lend your home that very organic, pastoral feel-as does this giraffe with his rather adorable features. The pert little head, adorable horns and the ears sticking out from the sides are the remarkable defined features that look so wonderful in spite of the small size of the head. The giraffe despite its height at 46 cm stands very stable as it has been fused into this small base that could be his original ground in the jungle. Its body and tiny tail as well as the long neck is an unmistakable set of features that would make its place in the home all the more loved. Bring home the magic of the jungle with large figurine made from metal and blend in charm of the wild like never before. As great for the outdoors and garden as it is for the indoors. The shabby chic treatment heightens the definition of its features to quite another high.

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