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Glass Dolphin Marine Blue

Code: LD3241-2
Product Dimensions: 10x18cm
Product Material: Glass

Adding lamps in any part of your interiors opens up whole new dimension of beauty as when the evenings come and shadows lengthen the illumination from lamps bring in a whole new focal point wherever they are placed-thus a great means to highlights parts of the décor could be achieved with them and with something as stunning as this cement made col blue lamp, your chic style home will attain a whole new level of sophistication.

The colour of the base is soft and the shape rounded, -super cool in its look, much in keeping with the summer feel space you might be intending to create for your home. This tall 51 cm high lamp will look especially grand adorning the top of a grand mantle or a sideboard or even the entryway console that is topped by an artwork on the wall which will then get highlighted by the illumination from the lamp. The slid base is toppled free despite the large size of the shade. The cylindrical shape of the shade complements the shape of the base whose cool blue colour has been created with much acre from smooth white cement speckled with blue and white. The dainty shape of the base and the simple plainness of the shade touches the space with a cool refreshing simplicity opening up the walls for more grandiose designs and thus allowing drapes and furnishings to be more patterned. Could be used as much in the bedroom on the bedside table or your vanity table alike.

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