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Mother's Day

Hangers Heart Point

Code: LA7749-6
Product Dimensions: 9x20H cm
Product Material: Plaster, Cotton


Weight: 0.35kg
Length: 20.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 12.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

Bring the feel of fresh summer breeze into the interiors f your home or make the day seem like a bright spring mornings - fresh smells have a lot to do with the way we can either air our homes or change the air in the home and a perfect example of doing that is with hangings of this kind on offer from Lavida that not just make the place smell divine but look pleasing while doing so.

There is much that we can achieve by changing the way a space smells and the most important being that the small of the place affects our mood which is why the children's room, the space neat the baby cot and the bedrooms where we sleep should always smell pleasant. Also spaces like the laundry room which is damp or the shoe closet too need help with changing the way we condition the air and a great way of doing so is using hanging heart fragrance hangers that are made of plaster and are infused with very pleasing fragrance that will help change the way our interiors smell. Easy to hang with the help if the tiny ribbon look right on top, there are five hearts on the pack and could be sued in different parts of the home to make them all feel great because of their fragrance - so no more shoe room stinks and no more laundry room staleness.

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