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Christmas Items

Hanging Bird Fuchsia

Code: HS0735-12
Product Dimensions: 11x0.8x9cm, with 8cm string
Product Material: Wood, Metal


Weight: 0.35kg
Length: 21.00cm
Width: 8.50cm
Height: 10.00cm
Inner Qty: 12
Carton Qty: 384

Birds are lovely, free creatures that are often admired as symbols of freedom, peace of mind, spirituality and many more. They are also admired for their colourful feathers and their sonorous chirps and music. Made of a wooden body and metallic wings, it is then splashed in a bright fuchsia pink.

Since birds are admired for their freedom to fly wherever, whenever, some people therefore do not wish to restrict the freedom of these birds by caging them. Hence, there has to be a suitable alternative that is devoid of such moral guilt. The Hanging Bird Fuchsia would be a welcomed alternative for such people. This hanging bird has its body made of wood, while its two wings are made of metal. The wooden body is painted in a bright blue while the wings are predominantly painted in silver colour. It weighs not more than 0.35kg, making it an ideal gift that even children can carry around.

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