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Candle Holders

Hanging Candelabra Lintel Whitewash

Code: BA8582-1
Product Dimensions: 81x12x34H cm + Chain
Product Material: Metal, Wood


Weight: 2.58kg
Length: 82.00cm
Width: 13.50cm
Height: 34.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 6

A magnificent way to add soft lighting to spaces such as the dining room, or the bedroom or even the outdoor seating are and when you carry your party outdoors - this superb tealight holding single level candelabra is a modern take on what the traditional lantern holding candelabras were all about. This rustic take on the old style is truly innovative and filled with as much charm and usability features.

Adding the right kind of lighting to spaces allows one to add oodles of charm to it and this superbly designed piece combines metal, wood and glass. The length of the wooden plan k is all of 81 cm which holds six votives each with the capacity to take in small sized candles in them. The wooden plank is suspended from a metal frame which is heavily ornate that gives this candle brat its antique finish. The chain attachment allows you to add more length to it and hang it low or high as your need be. The superb alignment of the piece keeps it well balanced and once lit the candelabra can be simply be hung with the help pf the hook at the end of the chain. The design of the metal frame disallows too much swing which keeps the piece very stable. The gorgeous design of the frame strikes a contrast with the rustic simplicity of the plank and that is what creates all the design drama. A perfect means to add a touch of modernity albeit using an age - old formula of candelabras.

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