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Hanging Coral White

Code: BT405-12
Product Dimensions: 7x8x1cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.50kg
Length: 16.00cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 8.00cm
Inner Qty: 12

Tiny oceanic hanging ornaments is a great way to infuse your coastal themed home with a certain energy and creativity-while some could be shells, others could be starfish and in this case even corals. There is so much one can do with tiny accents such as this by blending them in effortlessly with the décor. Find your own bright idea with this ceramic made hangable coral that will surely lead to some great ones.

They could be bunched up or spread around in singles-hung from door knobs or the floral decoration -the centrepiece or from the backs of chairs and work as well to decorate a large bottle or vase. The loop attached to this coral allows its usage to be as many as your ideas could stretch. Made of high quality ceramic, it is artisanal in quality and showcases high standards of aesthetics and precision in design. The multipronged coral is a mere 8 cm and spans around the same width of 8 cm and when placed alongside other hangable ornaments like shells, starfish and myriad other sea ornaments, it will create a surge of associations making your coastal feel décor come alive with more stunning effect. Th very association of corals being indicators of a beat bio diversity and balance in the ecosystem makes them such a relevant means to indicate your love for and support for marine life and its protection Gift it to another enthusiast and or simply use it in the décor to stun all with your great taste.

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