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Hanging Lamp Gotta Copper

Code: YW7506-2
Product Dimensions: 24x24x27 cm + 1.4m textile cable
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 2.10kg
Length: 48.00cm
Width: 25.50cm
Height: 28.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Copper always brings in an old world look to nay space and this unique concept of using copper to create a modern day lampshade with just a grid is something that Lavida is bringing forth for its discerning customers. The marriage of traditional copper usage in décor with modern design is truly unique as is the lighting it is bound to provide. This simple lampshade will elevate the look of the space with its hard to miss good looks.

Gone are the days when sameness was considered acceptable - each space today needs to find its own distinct look and homes are constantly striving to create their own unique look. Illumination done the right way can play quite a vital role in getting this fine and this lamp shade made like skeletal grid with the bulb visible is a new take on old copper lampshades given a new avatar. The warmth of copper color adds that vintage air to the décor while at the same time giving it the attribute of modernity through the uniqueness of its design. It could be suspended with ease with the help of the textile cord. Could be placed in corners or in conjunction with several other lampshades to create a more dramatic effect.

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