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Hanging Lamp Le Antiqu

Code: FQ4072-1
Product Dimensions: 21x21x43H cm Total Length:137 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 2.08kg
Length: 26.00cm
Width: 26.50cm
Height: 49.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

Lighting fixtures are as much part of the décor in the daytime as any other article in that space and when they are lit they render a different kind of charm with their illumination. Here is an antique design lamp that is made of metal and glass - a delicate design that shows off the expert metal craftsmanship that harks back to the times when castles and manors houses hosted thousands of such lamps. Here is small little reflection of the same style.

Lighting can be that charming little addition to the décor that can make a substantial difference to the way your home feels and looks and what better way to add that angle of drama to the décor than with this antique design inverted lamp whose light will help focus attention to the main areas that you wish to be highlighted. Here is that essential antique lamp that can be suspended as low as 137 cm from the ceiling and can help liven up some corner and when placed in more numbers will make the impact all the more stunning. The lamp shade itself is 43 cm long and its diameter is 21 cm. The best feature being that being made of glass it will allow the light to filter through and help light up the space much brightly than would a completely metal made shade. Would look delicate and firmly make your décor look far more vintage classic than before.

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