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Hanging Shell Spiral Seafoam

Code: BT404-12
Product Dimensions: 5x5x5cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.50kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 11.50cm
Height: 8.50cm
Inner Qty: 12

It holds many a mystery of the deep seas within, the soft blue coloured spiral reminding you of the myriad life forms that need shells such as this to begin their lives discarding them in them subsequently. Here is a hangable piece from Lavida that makes decorating your ocean themed home feel refreshingly beautiful with the help of simple yet close to the real things accents that come in small little sizes.

There is such beauty in accepting gifts from nature and helping them adorn your home with their intrinsic beauty-however small in size-much like this tiny hangable soft blue shell in a spiral shape. It comes with a burlap string that makes it easy to dangle from doorknobs. Floral arrangements por even as a highlight on a bottle of wine you wish to serve on special occasions. Its size is all of 5 cm in height and width and thus making it fort into small little spaces for all kinds of embellishment is rather easy. Made of ceramic, the shell is a beautiful replication of a natural one we might come across on our many sojourns on the beach. The distinctive soft blue colour lends its certain uniqueness. Shells do occur in all kinds of myriad colours and while collecting them we love to gather all of those that have colours rare and unique-here is one to definitely catch your eye. Bunch them up or use them in singles -it is bound to get you a lot many compliments for your great décor idea.

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