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Servingware & Kitchen

Jappa Bowls Set Stripe W/ Chopsticks

Code: LA8160-2
Product Dimensions:
Product Material: Porcelain


Weight: 2.28kg
Length: 32.50cm
Width: 21.70cm
Height: 16.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

You have this avid interest in all things from the far east and have love for Japanese food that is going nowhere - you also love serving your guest with sushi , shrimp and rice and many other Japanese delicacies and to make the whole look seem more authentically Japanese is this gorgeous porcelain set made with the finest of artisanal expertise, that comes with chopsticks. Go whole hog and present the best homemade Japanese food ever!

Japanese food a has a certain aromatic quality seldom found in other cuisines and t is not just the preparation, but the time of eating and the way of eating the food that makes all the difference to the way the food tastes. Make your effort at serving authentic Japanese food or even for most far eastern delicacies is this set of porcelain bowls and chopsticks as it will make the food presented on the table truly come alive with all its charm - simple yet eclectic in every sense. Elegant durable and very high quality porcelain makes this must buy for donburi and rice fans. Table ware being as important as serving and flavor of eating this set has ten ices of bowls and dishes in delicate blue color with two sets of chopstick with their sting plates included. There is something overly elaborate yet innately simple in the manner in which the table needs to be set and this set will help you achieve that look as authentically as possible. The bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe and will be great as an inclusion to your serve ware collection when the time to serve Japanese food arises.

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