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Jar Taza Tile Round

Code: YT5187-1
Product Dimensions: 13x13x12cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 14.00cm
Width: 14.00cm
Height: 17.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

High glaze ceramic with an adornment of a gorgeous tile design in the most classical of patterns is what makes this a beautiful way of accentuating a space. Add colour design. And a look of the past with this one simple inclusion that can also be used for storing small little things - perhaps a few spaces, - maybe some old memorabilia or even your best teabags that you like to indulge in. So many ways that this gorgeous little piece could come in handy.

Storage jars could be in many styles, but this one is not mere storage but a storehouse of history and vintage style. Made by expert hands that know the artistry needed in creating high glaze on ceramics, it is imbued with the design and look of the past. The glorious mix of colour like white beige and blue come together in a unique classic pattern. The round body is moth and stands well balanced on its small round base. The height of the jar is 12 cm and its diameter is more at 13 cm which gives it its unique look - more like a small little piece of art work than a simple storage space. Enthral your spaces with this inclusion that builds in the artisanal flair as well as lends it a perspective built on art, colour, a certain shape and depth. Many such pieces could help create a very distinct kind of corner devoted to things crafted with care for a more intense burst f colour and design. A small little tile work design jar whose definitive role in making that space liven up with vintage magic is what its usp really is.

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