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Jewellery Boxes & Display Stands

Jewellery Model Spiral

Code: U2067-2
Product Dimensions: 25x24x75H cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 2.54kg
Length: 63.00cm
Width: 27.00cm
Height: 26.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

She stands there adorned with your choicest of earrings, bracelets and rings - giving you just the right hints on what could work and what would not - here is your very own jewellery organizer and model - surely a huge help when coordinating the right pieces means looking at things from a different angle and seeing the impact. A perfect means of ensuring that not only do you look your best, but also making sure that your precious trinkets get a place to reside well within reach and safe.

Made from iron, the white body of this spiral design 75 cm tall model is a delightful inclusion for your dresser area - . Say goodbye to all those woes that any trinket collector would invariably have - one - not quite being sure what would look best and second - not quite knowing where on earth had you kept your most favourite new pair of earring or that gorgeous bracelet that was sure to be head turner. Go on and make your life comfortable by placing these on the innumerable curls that make hanging so very easy. The larger curls of the frame allow you to place bangles and bracelets while the smaller prongs all across the body is a fitting space to hang your smaller trinkets. Be it chains or neckpieces, armlets, brooches or finger rings - there is space for all. The stand will remain well balanced and can be placed on a low table for you to reach for things easily. The beautiful design resembles graceful lady in pretty dress that showcases a loop design - so well thought of for a utility based stand such as this.

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