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Jewellery Stand W/ Cat

Code: U2120-2
Product Dimensions: 22.5x11.5x36cm
Product Material: metal


Weight: 1.90kg
Length: 39.50cm
Width: 13.00cm
Height: 23.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

The feline beauty at the top of the stand wears exactly the same look of cool confidence as you when you know that all of your essential accessories are well laid out and ready at your service - after you are the girl who believes that jewellery is as important as the dress you choose to wear. Make this belief play out its role to the hilt by keeping them well displayed and perfectly within reach in a jiffy with the help of this table top organizer that is simple in design but superb in its functionality.

Adding more and more to your jewellery collection was always a passion for you - and why should it not - there are a few indulgences that define who you are and if you have even in control of how well you keep your trinket, what is the harm in a few more excesses! Here is a stand that will aid your collection from being well within reach and always at your disposal. It comes in the form of this metal stand that has a height of 36 cm having two tiers of hooks - the top one with five hooks and the one below its seven - all in all adequate space for bracelets chains, earrings, rings and even watches. The round base has a delicate design in black metal while the upper portion too is all black with hooks in a row. Simple, elegant and a perfect sight to behold when it comes to the manner in which it has been kept sparse in its size and yet super definitive in its functional work. Spans 26 cm and despite its size does balance well on the round base.

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