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Children's Gifts & Decor

Lantern Colour Morrocan

Code: LA7057-2
Product Dimensions: 11x11x28 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.90kg
Length: 12.00cm
Width: 24.00cm
Height: 28.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Almost shaped like the dome of a mosque this Moroccan lamp symbolizes a culture that reveres artistry in its minutest detailed form and this lantern summarizes this beauty. Made of metal and glass, handcrafted with expertise, the lanterns shall build in some true oriental flavour into the decor like no other article can.

The base of the lantern is hexagonal, made of metal and covered with a detailed and intricate design while the top is almost reminiscent of a dome of a mosque-divine and so very connected to the culture of the east. The lamp hosts different shades of glasses-from bright deep red, to pink and blue, from a topaz yellow to a light aqua blue-which will light up with vivid colours as soon as the candle placed within is lit. This unique design is one of the best offerings from Lavida as this lantern comes not juts packed with unique features making it truly useful for ambient lighting but also for making the focus of decors oriental definitively more classic and elegant. Lanterns such as this are a must have when the party moves outdoors and some kind of mood lighting is needed to pep up the place. A great buy if traditional vintage or classic orient is one one's mind. It's about 28 cm to the top of its dome like tip to the base which has rounded legs on which is balances well.

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