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Candle Holders

Lantern Grillage Gold

Code: BA8618-2
Product Dimensions: 17.5x9.5x21.5
Product Material: metal, glass


Weight: 1.20kg
Length: 20.50cm
Width: 19.00cm
Height: 23.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Lavida takes pride in bringing for its discerning buyers the top end products that are unique and the first off the designer?s block and this is the reason why each season when your home needs to relook its décor, you will find options form Lavida amongst your top choice. Here is one such lantern whose modern chic design embedded in vintage style relooks at a Moroccan style lantern from a completely new kind of angle.

Be prepared to be showered with attention and great praise for your choice of muted and mood lighting which will be easily achieved with this stunning lantern from Lavida. The round disc like cross section has the space for a pillar candle whose top opens up above the rim of the roundel that encloses it. The glow will be scattered in all direction through the filigreed patterns of the metal disc. It is further highlighted with a hangable option made of faux leather that lends it that so important twist that is modern and very chic. It thus could be used as a hanging lamp as much as a table top one. The height of the piece is 21.5 cm while the dimeter of its roundel is 17.5 cm. The base of the lantern is solid and thus it balances with ease on the base. With such lighting options from Lavida, you can build in a dramatic lighting effect in your living room or outdoors, as these lanterns come with not just candle spaces, but each one comes with a glass cover that will prevent it from getting disturbed in windy conditions and also prevent wax spillage.

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