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Note Books

Leather Notebook Imagination

Code: IA4287-2
Product Dimensions: 9x13H cm
Product Material: Leather, Paper


Weight: 0.34kg
Length: 9.50cm
Width: 4.00cm
Height: 13.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 72

The plushness of great quality leather married to the crispness of superior quality paper makes for a wonderful match - especially when you consider a smart and user - friendly diary that would be great for everyday use. Here is one that has been handcrafted with an eye on detail so that its compact size, rounded corners and its well finished looks act as an accessory for you for all your little notes and musings.

You must have felt that urgent need to whip out the notebook and make a quick note of that idea which you now would soon vanish from your head. Such is the pace pf our thought processes and the clamouring for attention of each that such flashes of brilliance should be captured in words in neat little diaries that would save it for ever. Here is a lovely handcrafted one whose soft leather top has a gleam of age - the embossed words lending it a charm quite unique and the sheets inside crisp and fresh. The size of the notebook too makes it the kind that could be carried around and used like any other everyday notetaking accessory. The rounded corners, the solid binding, the ease with which the notebook opens up without the usual stiffness that one sees in tight bound ones - here is certainly one of those handmade pieces where attention has been paid to the finish and the quality.

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