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Note Books

Leather Notebook Motif Gold

Code: IA4263-2
Product Dimensions: 13x18H cm
Product Material: Leather, Paper


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 4.50cm
Height: 18.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 36

The ornate gold motif sitting atop its cover says only a little about the artistic manner in which the idea of this notebook has been created. Supple great quality leather with a tough resilient binding as well as a rounded symmetrical look cover that has a smooth feel as well as tough interior made up of fine quality sheets - here is that quintessential notebook that will be your favourite accessory when a thought of idea comes to your mind.

Make a difference to the way you write down your musing, ideas, plans and lists, with this amazingly pretty leather covered notebook in a compact and distinctive style and design. Made from high grade well finished leather that has been used in manner to give the notebook a certain longevity. It is its journal quality features that will make it a table top feature on your desk and your notetaking moments will be accessorized by its gorgeous presence. The notebook has been bund in such a way that it can be opened without too much effort - flat ad ready for your pen to glide across its superior quality sheets. The size is much in keeping with the kind one could carry easily in ones hand or in one's satchel or bag. Compact, designed for easy use and undeniably aesthetically rather well endowed, here is one gift anyone who loves great quality stationery would love to receive.

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