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Leather Tag Gray

Code: IA4327-2
Product Dimensions: 6x10cm
Product Material: Leather, plastic


Weight: 0.25kg
Length: 7.50cm
Width: 0.02cm
Height: 18.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

A distinguished looking tag made of pure leather and the perfect pick for your business or office bag, the gym bag or even your regular travelling luggage - its buckle strap is easy to place on handles - however long or thick it maybe and its gorgeous design, handmade quality and great design lends it a smart look that is truly distinguished.

How many times have you stood at the airport carousel wondering the red suitcase about to appear is surely yours but it turns out to be someone else's - there are too many such identical looking luggage pieces that everyone seem to have and sometimes there is a chance of losing it too - make sure, this calamity does not come upon you by adding your identity bearing tag that can hold your name and address inside to simplify identification. This grey tag is smart, stylish and the kind that will make sure such a situation does not occur. The tag is neatly stitched in the same colour thread and thus its seams looks extremely neat and well finished. The smooth and supple leather will last through much usage and will fit across all sizes of handles matching well with most kinds of luggage pieces. The tree design looks rather finely embossed adding to its great looks.

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