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Leather Tag Natural

Code: IA4323-2
Product Dimensions: 6x10cm
Product Material: Leather, plastic


Weight: 0.25kg
Length: 7.50cm
Width: 0.20cm
Height: 18.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

The airport carousel makes it more than difficult to identify your own baggage as all suitcase seem to be the same red. You also feel that your need to keep your office briefcase well identified, and your child's school bag needs to have a name tag or when your purse or gym bag needs that tiny bit of leather accent to help make it look more stylish - trust this tag made of leather to do the job. All leather, embossed with a truly beautiful tree design, this is a simple yet extremely useful means to add an identity to your possessions.

Made of leather, this tag is all of 10 cm in length and about 6 cm in width. The tan coloured tag showcases a lovely tree pattern in black that highlights the colour of the tag which is a rich kind of brown. The tag can be placed with the simple buckle attached to it and will easily fit on to straps and handles alike. The gym bag which usually gets misplaced, or the briefcase that needs an identity must have such tags t keep them safe and not get misplaced. Made of great quality leather, the tag will hold within in its plastic case the name and other details for anyone's reference. You could use this on your children's' bags as well. Beautiful colour and a distinctive pattern makes this a lovely little accent and will help prevent loss of any kind of baggage.

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