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Scarves & Clothing

Linen Scarf Dotto

Code: IK807-1
Product Dimensions: 50x180 cm
Product Material: 100% Linen


Weight: 0.08kg
Length: 28.00cm
Width: 2.00cm
Height: 33.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 148

Dotted and squared - call it what you wish - but this linen scarf once draped will make all the difference to your look - the superb finish of the cloth made of 100% linen will add the zest of a superb style to give even your most simplest of clothing that dash of simple yet classic style. Add this scarf to your attire and make it cunt towards a look that is far more luxuriantly classic.

Linen has been around a long time and the reason for its popularity of course is because of the manner in which it drapes on us - be it clothing or accessory the fashion runway this summer has been all about linen and its natural fall and beauty. Add the same stylish look to your wardrobe with this small addition as this is no ordinary style it is the most contemporary of ways to stylize a simple dress to look like a million bucks - simply take printed or textured scarves such as this gorgeous one made of 100% natural hand - woven linen and give your look a whole new twist of sophistication. It is perhaps in the manner in which the fabric falls in a rumpled sort of way that speaks about its natural finger or perhaps the kind of colors it gets dyed in which adds the touch of class - there are several very good reason to fall in love with the way it changes your look. Wear it with your everyday denims or dresses in black or white or pair it up with blazers and sweaters - it has the ability to blend in with such panache that you will not ever step out without your favorite scarf.

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