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Coasters & Magnets

Magnets Bird Colour S/16

Code: LD3048-2
Product Dimensions: 4.5x4.5cm
Product Material: Glass, magnet


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 22.50cm
Width: 0.04cm
Height: 27.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

The tiny glass bauble can barely contain their twitter and energy - all sixteen of them varied in colour, but as beautiful as the other in their stunning colours and natural resplendence. This set of magnets are a fabulous means to introduce in the most mundane if places, the liveliness that birds bring with them. A great mix of colour, brightness, and beauty of nature.

Whether you use it up on the fridge door or to place that all important memo page on the board, they will make even the dullest of list seem like the most interesting one. Made of clear glass, the tiny graphic it holds within gets highlighted and magnified in all its splendour. The bright colours come alive as does the shape and the detailing. The high - quality glass makes it easy, all the more appealing. Will stick to all kinds of metal doors and fridge doors with ease. The mazing variety of birds that have been chosen for this collection makes it all the more special. No two creatures are alike in terms of colour of type - thus the uniqueness. Could be part of your own collection or would also makes wonderful party favours. All of 4.5 cm in diameter, it has the right kind of size to make its impact felt around. The quality of magnet will ensure that its holds on to the board with all its might.

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