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Coasters & Magnets

Magnets Succulents S/16

Code: LD3045-1
Product Dimensions: 4x4cm
Product Material: Glass, magnet


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 22.50cm
Width: 0.04cm
Height: 27.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

Tiny articles do grab your attention because the beauty they portray have a certain focus especially when held within a glass globule that magnifies the form and colour. This beautiful succulent range of 16 glass magnets are a delight in terms of not just their beautiful graphics but also their usability and finish.

You could use it to pin up your memo, place pictures on the fridge, or simply give them away as party favours. After all, who can survive some hectic days of several targets and thing - to - do! Without that slip of paper merrily hanging in front of you, targets seem hazy. Place this magnet on boards with ease and see how well you can meet those targets. Made of high quality glass, it ensures that the picture of the succulent inside really glows with a certain life. You could use it like a tiny accent on window panes or any such place like lockers and doors made of metal to enhance the look. The set has sixteen and thus each one with its own delightful look will be a wonderful addition to your own collection. And if you have friends who are magnet collectors, gift them out and you will be loved back. Brilliant colours and each magnet hosting a different graphic makes it a wonderful collection.

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