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Magnifying Glass Misty Blue

Code: LA7566A-2
Product Dimensions: 9x1x18H cm
Product Material: 9x1x18H cm


Weight: 0.16kg
Length: 19.00cm
Width: 1.50cm
Height: 8.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

A handheld magnifying glass that has size best suited for carrying easily in one purse or bag for usage each day when reading small print or seeing terribly small articles does get to be challenge. It features a round shatterproof glass that has great clarity and provides you with a specialized experience in seeing things perfectly magnified.

While prints keep getting smaller and one's eyes keep facing the challenge each day because of eyesight issues it is imperative that one has the help of magnifying glass that can keep us feeling less challenged with one sight - so be it reading the list of contents on back of labels, or trying to find a tiny piece of ornaments that may have fallen off - without too much of straining of one's eyes, this magnifying glass can help you with a better sight. The handle has fine grip and can be held for long without slippage, while the quality of the glass itself gives you distortion free images. The easy to hold and handle glass has a diameter of 9 cm and the entire length is a mere 18 cm. The golden rim, the crystal coloured handle with golden highlights makes it a fine piece to have on the study table when seeing the smallest places on the globe sounds like a challenge. Read all the fine prints that you find with amazing clarity and see how your confidence increases with easy magnification for better viewing. Light weight, compact and easy to use.

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