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Magnifying Lens With Light

Code: LA7570-2
Product Dimensions: 8x1x5H cm
Product Material: Glass, Plastic


Weight: 0.05kg
Length: 9.00cm
Width: 5.00cm
Height: 2.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Made of moulded plastic and glass, this easy to use and carry magnifying glass is the end of search for those who find reading the fine print a challenge or who love their looking into details of art, embroidery and the likes to be more fuss free and easy on the eyes - comes with an LED light fitting to light up when there is dull lighting and viewing is such a challenge.

Helping you enjoy crystal clear images is this LED lighting fitted magnifying glass that comes in a rather smart avatar with various levels of magnification possible at different slots in the same package. The 8 cm long glass has width of all of 5 cm and a thickness of barely 1 cm making it truly compact. It fits into its case with so much ease and the apparatus itself has a built in LED light that can be switched on with a sliding switch to help identification of thing especially in low lit areas. Be it checking currency or seeing the details on jewellery or art - this is your best of seeing things in minute details is how you always like to go about things. Comes with its own protective plastic sleeve that allows easy sliding action and gives a protection to the glass.

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