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Bags & Purses

Market Bag Black Set/2

Code: BB290-2
Product Dimensions: L: 70x24x30H cm, S: 62x17x25H cm
Product Material: Seagrass


Weight: 1.02kg
Length: 63.00cm
Width: 18.00cm
Height: 30.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Give your marine feel home the touch of wonder and excitement with the help of sculpture that adds a dimension of detail to your décor. Made from acrylic, t is lightweight, very close to real in its replication and a sure means to add a touch of almost real feel to your theme. All white, the coral with its stag horn like pattern is a sure head turner that will aid align your home all the more with the marine them.

It's made of acrylic- and this is lightweight yet tough. The staghorn pattern is evident in its design. It stands 20 cm in height, its branching very close to real. Its white textured body implores you to touch and feel its resin made body. The base is wooden in colour and so the contrast of white and brown is quite dramatic. The width of the piece is all of 15 cm and its branching has been carefully created resembling a real staghorn coral. The piece will look especially dramatic and impact full wheel placed atop corner table or on shelves or consoles here it can be placed near a source light which could throw into prominence its shape which is its usp. A definitive means to make your marine themed home define its legitimate marine ambiance. It will show off its sparkling white colour, as if hundreds of years of warm water calcifications had create its beautiful structure. Adding such sculptures lends spaces a more centred feel and entrenches the idea of the thematic more deeply. Will balance perfectly atop the rectangular shaped base.

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