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Market Bag Woven White

Code: LT3247-1
Product Dimensions: 54x15x62cm
Product Material: Straw, Cotton, Leather


Weight: 0.40kg
Inner Qty: 2

Make your shopping experience easy with a large capacity shopping ang that has been built sturdily and given a stylish look to make your summer look all the more organically stylish. Made from straw, woven expertly by hands that know the traditional weave, this is a beautiful addition to your accessory list that will be as great for a day out at the beach as it would be for travelling with a baby-after all, spacious bags are always a boon to have when day long outings are planned.

The handles are soft on your hands and would be easy to sling the straw made body is light weight yet sturdy enough to handle the huge amounts of things it's going to be holding in its rather spacious inner sanctum, the square style adds to it great balance and distribution of weight that eases the weightiness when carried on shoulders. The bags is all of 62 cm in length and 52 cm in height with a broader mouth and a width that gives it an immense capacity the leather patch where the rope handle is attached is a definition that adds to its organic kind of natural beauty, the washed in white straw shows off its weave even better with the colour on it. The superb blend of tradition and modern styling is what makes this a great choice for avid shoppers who would like to ease the space crunch they feel each time they are out shopping.

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