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Metal Sign Best Cat

Code: TE989-4
Product Dimensions: 26.3X0.5X35CM
Product Material: iron


Weight: 2.05kg
Length: 28.00cm
Width: 2.00cm
Height: 36.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

All black and edges in tawny kind of red brown -perhaps significantly much like your tawny cat-here is a sign board that spells out the rules around your home with the most intense in tongue in cheek humour. Place it up on walls, dress up your shelves and make way for the cat of the house. After all, when its your home, cat rules is what defines everything else.

The metal made sign board will stun you with its simple clean lines-edged in rust colour, the beauty of the piece lies as much in its graphic as in its simple yet pointed reminder. After all, when it comes to feline love few can interfere. The metal sheet has been covered in paint that adds to the richness of the backdrop colour, the printed words are as clear with visibility even from a distance. The words printed in white strikes a contrast with the dark backdrop while the stretching cat shows off the languorous laziness of cats in their best most prolific mood. Adorn your walls or simply line up your shelf with this witty signboard and build in the home and heart feel to its fullest. The height of the piece is 35 cm and its width being 26 cm makes it compact enough for placing propped up on tables, corner and such places that need that little perk of energy.

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