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Mirror Large Motif White Wash

Code: FM7634-1
Product Dimensions: 100x3x100cm
Product Material: Fir Wood, Mirror, MDF


Weight: 16.20kg
Length: 106.50cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 108.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

There are so many ways of ensuring that walls spaces add to the look your home desires to create. And when you use mirrors that are cleverly placed in those spots that could invite more brightness and add to the spaciousness, you would have achieved what they are summarily supposed to lend to your spaces. Here is one such large mirror panel that shall define and accent the wall and space around in the most fabulous of ways.

Bringing the best of modern ideas and antique patterns to the fore is this gorgeous mirror panel embellished with a dull white frame on its inner space and a brown coloured outer frame that enhances the reflective glass that makes up the backdrop. When you have large walls that need some help in terms of making the seem more engaged with the rest of the room and help build in their look of antiquity and elegance - this mirror pane could work wonders. About 100 cm in dimensions, the size is perfect. Use it behind the console or the end of the longish corridor that needs some brightening up. It is bound to catch the light and draw attention to its detailed pattern. A superb means to add a modern touch along with a certain heritage feel.

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