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Mirror Louvre Door

Code: WJ6515-2
Product Dimensions: 45x3x65 cm
Product Material: Wood, Mirror


Weight: 7.70kg
Length: 67.00cm
Width: 8.50cm
Height: 48.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

When it comes to mirrors, you always go for those that have a unique and special look to them, ones that really bring out all the best in your space. So far, all you've come across lately are mirrors that are plain, boring, and don't reflect your style. It's a good thing you came across the Louvre Door Mirror from Lavida.

These mirrors aren't the standard mirrors that you're used to. Each is covered up by two louvred doors. You can either leave them closed so they look just like a pair of shuttered doors, or you can leave them open to have the mirror exposed. The wood on the decorative accent is worn to give an aged appearance, as if you found them at an estate sale after they were used for many years. They'll make a lovely addition to many spaces in your home, ranging from the bathroom to your foyer.

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