Mirror Rattan Natural

  • Code: MG0057-1
  • Material: Rattan, MDF, Glass
  • Size: 87x12x87cm
  • Min order quantity: 1
Inner Packaging:
  • Carton Qty: 1
  • Weight: 4.46 kg
  • Length: 91.00 cm
  • Width: 17.00 cm
  • Height: 83.00 cm
Mirrors help open up the space inviting light and brightness. And this one with its artisanal look will bring in a fresh kind of layer to the space. Inspired by traditional crafting methods used for centuries, this piece has been expertly designed by hands that have the expertise of creating such beautiful accessories for your home. A mirror that is sure to look great on any wall of your home.

The design is brimming with charm and elegance, and at the same time inspired by the Desire for minimalism and simplicity. Round in shape, 87 CM in diameter, the mirror has a gently curving frame that gives the reflective surface a unique kind of look. In fact, the mirror itself is raised by almost twelve cm with the frame going backwards to settle on the flat surface at the back. Crafting of this piece has its own uniqueness and the same elegance will be transferred to the space where it is placed. The entryway of your home is a great place for it, considering its large size it would also look most charming and eye catching when placed behind the console or a side board. Long walls that look drab and monotonous, will get a fresh update with the placing of such a mirror.


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