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Mirror Tray Ovale Large

Code: BA8576-2
Product Dimensions: 35x19x5H cm
Product Material: Metal, Mirror


Weight: 1.92kg
Length: 39.00cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 20.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 12

The raised rim with its delicate filigree work is truly ornamental as is the tiny round legs that hold up the length and width of its metallic dimensions upright - a splendid design that adds more to tradition by marrying it to a modern mirror feature - here is a tray that helps one rethink the means by which we can make our décor look superbly unique.

A terrific design that is sublime in a way and yet dramatic depending on the manner in which the mirror comes to play its reflective role. Here is a wonderful host for your candles, flowers, shells and such décor additions that you may want the try to hold. If you add curious ad then light it up with candles you would be enhancing its beauty many times over - such is the effect of candles. The tray has a solid metal frame and should be sturdy enough to carry finger foods or hold your candles, shells and flowers. Used any which way, the very look of its lovely design finished to such perfection is a great way to add a touch of formal and traditional look on tables and consoles. It could hold a set of your favourite curios, or a floral decoration with candles or even a set of bowls with snacks. The tray has a length of 35 cm and a width of 19 with a smooth curved body which makes its oval shape really graceful and elegant.

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