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Servingware & Kitchen

Natural Circular Placemat

Code: BB257-6
Product Dimensions: 38x38 cm
Product Material: Woven Paper


Weight: 0.32kg
Length: 39.00cm
Width: 39.00cm
Height: 1.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

Answer all your concern about making the table setting come alive with brand new look with this one of kind placemat made with woven paper which will be noticed as much for its intricate design as for its natural pale beige that will offset the rest of the setting with its elegant touch.

Placemats are a staple on dining tables whether the occasion is special r everyday life - there is always the concern to keep the surfaces free from moisture and from keeping them heat safe. Use these easy to maintain paper mats that have been woven so as to give them a lightweight yet tough texture that will be durable and easy to clean. Bring on the charm of an ancient weaving technique along with the modern twist where one is looking at ore organic materials for usage all around us. Add this light beige natural shaded placemat for serving at the center of the table or simply use ot for individual usage. Make a set of six and see how well the table comes alive with its muted color effect throwing all else into relief. It has the right kind of features to soon make it your favorite set of mats be it for special settings or everyday use. The circular shape and the very fine weave are its major features making it such a lovely addition to your table or on sideboards and other places.

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