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Necklace Seaside Tassel

Code: LA7712-2
Product Dimensions: 32 cm long
Product Material: Metal Cotton, Beads


Weight: 0.02kg
Length: 2.50cm
Width: 0.05cm
Height: 33.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Simple and down to earth jewellery that reminds one of the connect we have with the earth because of the material it has been made with - organic cotton, metal and bead - all of them as if reminding us of the umbilical tie with nature that should not be snapped. This rustic necklace will be loved for its understated style that will blend in with chic modern or traditional dressing as well.

Crafted to make you look chic as well as earthy this tassel embellished necklace has a number of textures, earthy colours and a feel of nature about t that is refreshingly different from the usual glitter and gloss that one sees on jewellery. The tow white long beads are probably created from ceramic and have this impression of having a crackled body while the tassels arein hues of off white, grey and brown which for some reason seem to co - ordinate. The other beads that lends it more definition are the longish glass ones that have a metal leaf at its base - exquisite in composition and combination. The beads and the tassels are all cantered on t a string that has an adjustable length provision in metal. Add this to your dressing and see how marvellously it compliments your personality.

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