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Pendant Driftwood

Code: LD3635-1
Product Dimensions:
Product Material: Driftwood


Weight: 4.02kg
Length: 46.00cm
Width: 45.50cm
Height: 35.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 2

When building on your marine themed home, pick on an illumination option that lends it more class and rustic leaning. Here is a pendant shade made from chunks of driftwood that have been cleverly bonded into a stunning looking wooden shade for any space that you wish to declare as shabby marine in look, it is perhaps going to lend your space the signature feel that will make it feel truly unique.

The light-coloured wood used is natural in its shade. The bringing together of nautical marine feel through a pendant shade is also as unique as it can get, made from simply fusing off pieces of driftwood chunks sot for this shape must have taken some amount of artisanal specialization and surely with this in place your illumination itself shall make all the difference to the look of the space. The width of the round shade is all of 45 cm. The shape has a bit of a raised dome like structure. When fitted with a light, its dramatic influence will be seen in the entire space. It also is a great option for the outdoors if adding a patio light or one in your gazebo is on the cards. Can ne varnished to make ta s sturdy for any kind of outdoor usage. Chunky yet somewhat elegant in its appeal. Its shall be the focal point of your shabby chic look in a simple but really effective way.

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