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Hanging & Pendant Lighting

Pendant Metal/ Wood

Code: FQ4112-1
Product Dimensions: 55x55x94cm
Product Material: metal, wood, wiring


Weight: 13.70kg
Length: 52.50cm
Width: 57.00cm
Height: 96.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

A fabulous combination of wood and metal makes this artistically designed vintage look pendant light, a great choice for entryways, foyers and any room. The classic pendant gets a whole new look in this square shaped pendant whose rich patterned exterior lends it a fascinatingly intricate detailed look. Illuminate in great style with pendants on offer from Lavida and lend your spaces character and brightness.

Pendants are a great means to draw in a focal point in the décor - you could use it over specific spaces to spot them with brightness or simply use them as welcoming foyer or passageway lights. This lamp could be used low a s well as close to the ceiling. Can be hung with ease, as its metal frame rises up to a peak and lends it a sturdy hangable feature, the lower portion of the shade is made up of wood that has been intricately carved and will create patterns of light and shadow. The pendant adds that stunning look of class and elegance with its design and shall render spaces brighter with its graceful presence. The wood on the outer has been painted in a shabby chic manner - distressed and muted in colour so as to allow easy blending in. The faceted dimension in the square are 55 cm in length and the lamp rises altogether to a height of 94 cm.

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