Pot Sitter Rabbit Blue

  • Code: LU5409-6
  • Material: ceramic stoneware
  • Size: 9.3x5x6.5cm
  • Min order quantity: 12
Inner Packaging:
  • Weight: 0.92 kg
  • Length: 20.00 cm
  • Width: 19.00 cm
  • Height: 8.00 cm
  • Cubic CBM: 0.02
  • Inner Qty: 6
  • Carton Qty: 36
  • Length: 22.30 cm
  • Width: 38.30 cm
  • Height: 27.60 cm
this item is hand crafted and hand finished - variations will occur. This is part of the uniquiness of the product.
Add a touch of whimsical charm to any plant pot with the Pot Sitter Rabbit Blue, an adorable accessory that's sure to captivate your customers. Crafted from high-quality ceramic stoneware, this endearing blue-hued rabbit measures 9.3x5x6.5 cm, perfect for perching on the edge of planters and bringing a smile to anyone's face. Its quaint design and delightful colour make it an irresistible buy for consumers looking to infuse a little personality into their home or office greenery.

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Introducing the enchanting Pot Sitter Rabbit Blue, a delightful addition to any homeware collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a sprinkle of whimsy, this charming piece is sure to captivate the hearts of those with an appreciation for unique home accents and thoughtful gift-giving.

With its cozy dimensions of 9.3x5x6.5cm, this adorable ceramic stoneware rabbit is designed to perch gracefully on the edge of your favorite plant pot, bringing a touch of nature-inspired serenity to your living space. The serene blue hue blends harmoniously with a wide array of d├ęcor styles, from the rustic charm of country cottages to the sleek lines of modern apartments.

Each Pot Sitter Rabbit Blue is handcrafted and hand-finished, ensuring that every piece is as individual as the homes they grace. This means that variations in colour and texture are not just expected but celebrated, contributing to the unique appeal that sets this item apart from mass-produced counterparts.

Beyond its decorative flair, this pot sitter rabbit serves as an enchanting conversation starter, a delightful addition that compliments your indoor garden or office space with a dash of quirky character. Its artisanal quality and endearing design make it an irresistible choice for those seeking to add a personal touch to their surroundings or offer a special gift to a decor-savvy friend.

Embrace the Pot Sitter Rabbit Blue's charm and let it hop into the collection of discerning homewares and giftware retailers, where it is poised to become an adored best-seller.