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Pots Pattern Large S/4

Code: LA8510-1
Product Dimensions: 14x14x13H cm
Product Material: Clay


Weight: 3.16kg
Length: 27.00cm
Width: 26.00cm
Height: 13.00cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 8

The unmistakable charm of your potted plants will get another high from these gorgeous clay pots that come with myriad designs on several colours. If you believe that plants too have to be given a little leeway in the manner in which they could be displayed here is a refreshingly designed set of four pots that should guarantee your greens another happy home.

Made with an eye to give your garden and your indoor plants a touch of beauty that they inherently possess - yet, could do with some more highlighting, this set of four clay pots, each wears a distinct design in keeping with traditional patterns that have remained relevant in the modern times. The off white colours and the very organic feel of the designs and the make lends it a natural look that blends in fabulously with most kind of outdoors and indoor setting. You know that several of your plants look fabulous with blooms and foliage you would be proud to display, yet the right kind of clay pot in which they could be presented could make all the difference in the way they could add to your décor. Here is a set that combines natural material, lends it a dash of design and makes your plants liven up the garden or the indoor with a new kind of verve. Could be clustered or set apart, placed anywhere they look positively invigorating. The pots are about 13 cm high with 14 cm maximum width and gently narrow down to a more timid looking base which however is well balanced in design as well as colour.

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