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Reusable Shopping Bag Kit In Leather Palm Purse Black

Code: LD4534-1
Product Dimensions: purse 7x5x11cm / bags 38x58cm
Product Material: Leather, Metal, Polyester


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 7.00cm
Width: 5.00cm
Height: 11.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 300

Zippered Leather Purse with 2 re-usable shopping bags inside.

Elegance, style, quality and performance are the trademark of the Reusable Shopping Bag Kit in Leather Palm Purse Black. This is why it is an ideal gift to any woman. When it comes to shopping bags, people often have to sacrifice elegance for performance. Well, not in this case, this shopping bag kit combines both qualities without compromising on any. It is able to live up to this due to its top-rate materials and unique craftsmanship.

Shopping isn't a once in a lifetime affair. Depending on work constraint/schedule, people shop bi-weekly, some weekly and some others - just days apart. There are times that despite plans and preparations made concerning shopping, we may occasionally have to dash to the shopping mall to buy one or two things. There are times we forget that a particular item has been used up and it is until we need it again before we have to rush down to the supermarket to get it. On such and every other occasions, this elegant Palm Purse Shopping Kit would come in pretty handy. The beautiful zippered purse is painted in an elegant black and has an appealing yellow palm tree design. It is made with top-quality leather that promises durable usage. Inside the purse are two re-usable classic shopping bags that can be re-used as consistently as necessary. The palm purse can double as an actual portable purse fitted for outings while the shopping bags can double as a duffle bag and/or laundry bag. Attached to the purse is a short chain ending in a ring which the client can insert their fingers into for easy, firm grip. There are many reasons why customers would love it.

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