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Rug Circular Washed

Code: AA3546-1
Product Dimensions: 150cm Round
Product Material: 60% Cotton & 40% Jute


Weight: 6.10kg
Length: 150.00cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 9.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

Whether to make your home look more beach ready or to give your farm and cottage feel home. made with a combination of jute and cotton - cotton for sustainable smoothness and jute for toughness - this is an ideal combination for those homes that are prone to more foot traffic and yet wish to keep their interiors looking fresh and new with the rug adding to the sparkle of summery look. The roundness of course makes the rug play an extra bit of role to create a more classic look.

Add a few lamps, some white coloured cushions for a more summery feel and more solid bright cushions for a deeper more ornate look. Hang a few shell decorations on the wall for a beachy flair and brass lamps for amore oriental look - this rug will give a certain kind of rounded appeal to all of them owing much to its eclectic colour - soft sandy beige. The fabulous ix of jute and cotton ensuring that your interiors celebrate the muted shade in the best possible way. The delightful round shape makes it all the more cohesive for all kinds of backdrops, room sizes and dimensions. Round floor covers always make spaces look less formal and thus are flexible in usage as well. The natural shade of honey pearl is a great means to give more liveliness to muted colours like whites and deep beiges and browns while making brighter colours blend in in a more muted manner. Easy to maintain and thick enough to be flat and neat on the floor. Can be vacuumed clean or simply brushed and aired like other rugs.

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