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Rug Collage Edge Medium

Code: AA3525-1
Product Dimensions: 170x240 cm
Product Material: 100% Cotton


Weight: 3.94kg
Length: 173.00cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 12.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

The splendor of gorgeous grey colour in a handmade rug can lend your spaces a lovely look of sophistication and style that is understated as well as classy. This handmade rug is large enough to give a huge room something more than an ordinary floor covering. Soft yet tough, resilient to much usage - an organic take on how handwoven is the best way to enhance your spaces with more artistry of traditional type.

Floor coverings are as much an important element in your décor as the sofa covering or the drapes and thus making this as a choice will truly reflect your classic style. All grey in tones of the same color, it lends a look of sophistication to your spaces with its sift grey tones which in fact plays an important role in throwing to relief the design that has been worked on it. The rug is 240 cm in length and about 170 cm win width making it amply large to cover a huge room. The soft yet tough woven material is all cotton and will feel wonderful to touch and walk on. Great for homes that revel in traditional handmade stuff that are also the best means to place artistic handmade articles in the décor as the best method to bring out an underlying cultural streak. About 4 kilos in weight -it is the kind of rug that you would be able to use in any art of the home owing much to its ability to be able to blend in with all sorts of colour palettes. The fringed edges give it a neat finish as does the light beading along its length.

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