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Rug Criss Cross Large

Code: AA3540-1
Product Dimensions: 200X300cm
Product Material: 100% Cotton


Weight: 5.80kg
Length: 200.00cm
Width: 10.50cm
Height: 10.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

Create that pop of pattern and take away the dullness of specs with this superb looking rug on offer from Lavida. The sturdy cotton fibre woven in an intricate kind of pattern has been given a modern sort of twist. The monochromatic magic of white and black play out a dramatic display of design that any modern and chic style home would love to add to their setting.

The cotton rug feels soft under one's feet and adds that touch of organic feel. The setting that needs to create a more vibrant pattern to end the dullness of neutral shade will love to have this piece on the floor that will blend in as famously with cool colours in solids as it will with brighter warmer shades - after all solid colours like greenish turquoise, bright red orange and yellows will set off the patterned rug in black and white off with much perfection. Here the size too is the kind that will be the best find for large rooms - at 300 cm in length and 200 cm in width. The fringed sides and the soft and supple rug is a great means to enhance the summer look home that can do with a more cooler feel floor covering. Surround it with divan with colourful cushions or place large sized floor cushions for eating and give the room a bohemian twist. A wonderful way to make sure that your room and spaces gain a touch of organic cotton fibre that is summer ready.

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