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Rug Multi Tones Large

Code: AA3544-1
Product Dimensions: 200X300cm
Product Material: 100% Cotton


Weight: 5.20kg
Length: 200.00cm
Width: 10.50cm
Height: 10.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

The pattern is intricate - the greys and whites with black looks eclectic and very traditional. This is one of these rugs that will bring together the look in your interiors helping add a touch of modern flair or help give your bohemian chic home the look of style and elan. A wonderfully woven rug whose pattern is its usp and its ability to co bine well with all kinds of decors its biggest draw.

Add that rattan sofa or the old antique rocking chair to the décor - place a few white coloured cushions or some bright hued one sis solid colours and you are sure to invoke a truly modern look for your home. Add that Moroccan lamp of few twinkling votives and the look will convert to a really eastern look and if you simply top it with more monochrome décor additions you could bring out the beauty of the colour palette like ivory and black more impactfully. The 300 cm long rug with a width of 200 cm will be a perfect pick to dress up the floor ins fairly large seating area. The tough cotton weave and the fringed ends have been created with great finesse. The weave shows great expertise. You could choose from two other sizes available in the same pattern and see the suitability as per your room size. Or - simply take two similar one to add to the adjoining dining space.

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