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Rug Navet Medium

Code: AA3515-1
Product Dimensions: 170x240 cm
Product Material: 100% Jute


Weight: 6.52kg
Length: 173.00cm
Width: 17.00cm
Height: 17.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

When a craft that is age old meets a perfect design, you get products from Lavida - the people who understand that the perfection of a craft can only be enjoyed when it gets a new life through exquisite design - pretty much like this handmade rug in jute whose black and white symphony of patterns looks as exquisite as it feels great under your feet.

Rugs when handmade carry with them a certain kind of organic character and bears the hard work of the artisan who has created it. This brings in more personality to your interiors and in the case of this jute made rug , it is evident. The bold and varied patterns adorning the face of this rug makes it impression quite obviously when placed in a living room and dining space. The lovely pattern look all the more wonderful as the monochromatic drama of black and white is always so. The rug is 240 cm in length and 170 cm in width. Place it in areas that sees much foot traffic and it will be able to with stand it as it has been crafted with tough jute fibre that has been conditioned and processed to give it a softer feel without taking away from its natural toughness. Will flatten out and settle in its weave when placed on the floor and will not rumple or warp despite folding. Will ease out your concern for providing your room a focal point backing your colour concern or thematic concern. Accessorize with rattan and some tribal weaves or plain white in upholstery to bring out the beauty of this gorgeous piece.

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