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Rug Navet Small

Code: AA3514-1
Product Dimensions: 120x180 cm
Product Material: 100% Jute


Weight: 3.28kg
Length: 123.00cm
Width: 16.00cm
Height: 16.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

Alternating black and white makes this an eclectically designed rug made by expert hands that know the precision with which to create such an intricate pattern that gives this 100% pure jute rug, its class and regal looks. Jute as such is a sturdy material and when woven in a pattern so dense, it attains more strength. A lovely way of adding so much organic style that is fresh, natural and in keeping with modern décor needs.

Adding rugs help make a cohesive statement in the décor as the floor cover in a sense gets all the disparate elements in the décor together. Here is a natural jute fiber handwoven rug that adds much style albeit in a very simple way-using just an age-old pattern which has been revived and used to make a bold new style statement. The rug is sturdy and will not warp or get worn out as its weave is resilient and will see you through much footfall. The sturdy jute fiber is the perfect choice for those homes who like to keep their homes looking fashionable yet in traditional sort of way. The touch of the jute fiber is smooth and not uncomfortably rough as in the case of its raw form. It has been processed and gives a lovely smooth finish which makes the weave all the more suited to home décor need. The edges have been finished very neatly and this rug could be easily vacuumed to keep it looking very clean and bright and new.

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