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Rug Navy Border Medium

Code: AA3535-1
Product Dimensions: 170X240cm
Product Material: 100% Jute


Weight: 10.80kg
Length: 170.00cm
Width: 20.00cm
Height: 20.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Textures, pliably soft, handwoven expertly and the best means to add the touch of neutral magic in your spaces - this soft hued deep beige rug with a bright blue border is a fine way of adding definition to your spaces and help making it feel more complete. Tough and resilient, it is the kind of rug that will take as much foot traffic as is possible.

Add the touch of sublime glamour the organic way in your spaces with this jute handmade rug in a wonderful neutral shade. Made of high quality jute that has been treated so as to be more tough and string to withstand the traffic of children's feet or that of pets and yet continue looking its best. The simple rug with its fine textured weave will add a neutral drama to the floor spaces thus opening up a vivid number of possibilities in the upper spaces and dimension in your room. The length of the rug is 240 cm and its width at 170 cm makes it an ideal choice for a small sitting space that will adequately show off its broad band of navy blue in the weave. A superb blend of hardy jute with a neat finish with an edging that will be fray resistant and will serve you through all jute rugs, this too will soften and toughen as it is used and develop a certain softness and shine the more it sees days go by. A splendid means to add depth and dimensionality for the décor or colour palette you have in mind.

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